Rob’s HulaHoutmood wheel

Check Robs hulawheel movie here..

Beste stuurlui op houtmood

Here you go! Bert, Rob,Bob en de rest of the Rambocrew havin a goodtime shreddin the streets of Athens.

Goodjob Flatspot!




crackin in utka

heres some i&iphun from last weekend in Utrecht..Had a good time at the Flatspot 1year party and a  sunny winterday on the streets..

And a litlle skitty family surprising haha..

thanks for the good times everyone!

fully fried,, half bacon


Heres gopro’s summermadness of Blunted bacon..

Watch out! strictly onzin! And if you have a good eye there is allso a little bit of something wich looks like skateboarding in it..



Worst for Herqua..

Check Wesleys welcome edit for Herqua…

Keep up the cheese scenario!!!


here is the third phonefootyfun.

This time allso edited with i&iphone!!



Hope you all had a blazing start of the summer!! (everydayisgoskateboardingday) .. We had (exeptmyancle) .. But here is our iniminicrappy documentation of last saturday… watch out.. its sketchyasitshouldbe..  would like to thank tymog and walker for creatin a boomin schoolyard! Herqua and Errol for support. Collo and pedalpark for makin it happen..Roland for some good representin and emceein.haha..and everyone for bein there..

Go skateboarding everyday

21 of june the boys from colloseum will organize a best line, best trick contest and bbq session…

Our teampride Wessel filmed a little promo line…

Rob in Barcelona

Rob Maatman and the Emerica team killing it in Barcelona