get ready for summer and get your tees at herqua Hoogeveen..

Herqua displays Houtmood

Herqua did some nice displaying…

Robian in Austria

Robian was in Austria last week… Check out some footy in this export edit…


more fresh imovie izm..

Enjoy the sunny dayz..


Hope you all had a blazing start of the summer!! (everydayisgoskateboardingday) .. We had (exeptmyancle) .. But here is our iniminicrappy documentation of last saturday… watch out.. its sketchyasitshouldbe..  would like to thank tymog and walker for creatin a boomin schoolyard! Herqua and Errol for support. Collo and pedalpark for makin it happen..Roland for some good representin and emceein.haha..and everyone for bein there..



i clicked this   kwezytransferfronttail with lots of thanks to the light of lexys videocam..

Let bacons ancle heal quick so he can hout his mood to get back for some blazin on the dutch streets…


Go skateboarding everyday

21 of june the boys from colloseum will organize a best line, best trick contest and bbq session…

Our teampride Wessel filmed a little promo line…

welcome to Houtmood

Proud to welcome you to our webs aiighht!!!

We will be posting our creations and adventures on a daily base..

So Houtmood to keep checking it…

Dont be a sheep.. just follow us…


Rob in Barcelona

Rob Maatman and the Emerica team killing it in Barcelona

Speklappe shreds the trannie

My main Scottisch boy William 'Bacon' Aitken a.k.a. Speklappe shows you HOUTMOOD with his warming up sessions!

A Beer With Bert Roeterdink

Flatspot magazine shot a little video of Bert rolling at De Fabriek in Enschede. Cheers!