early birds for high flights


Patrick and Jelle had a new timekiller,, (call it addiction)


We had to wait till we could drop our luggage, so first we skated this spot were lots of funny livings past…



Leon filmed the first line of patrick starting with a nosewally..


Strijder Jelle during battle


Patrick and addiction..


Think Patrick is better in playing games on a skateboard..


Leon tries


Blunted Frontblunts


The last day Greins was in for hammers.. but its a pitty the rail spot he wanted to go for was skatestopped..

Merry christmas!!



love yourself and 1nother, take care, houtmood and have a sunny soul!!



keep blazing em stormy streets..


Check true legend inspiriation Gonz going big on the age of 46.

If this isnt hyping up the old peeps?!

Gonzalez shows Houtmood never giving up…

Thanks for the big hype Mark!!!


Lex just came up with this photo we totally forgot about..

We were both so hyped to do some good stuff that night. But ended up with a not working light..So we were singin sean pauls song “just gimme the light” all night and blind foolin around.. And than Alex  took this picture of me doing some indy surfing in the Black sea!

Cant wait for a steady ankle and some sunshine again…


tobi wallride indy

crackin in utka

heres some i&iphun from last weekend in Utrecht..Had a good time at the Flatspot 1year party and a  sunny winterday on the streets..

And a litlle skitty family surprising haha..

thanks for the good times everyone!

fully fried,, half bacon


Heres gopro’s summermadness of Blunted bacon..

Watch out! strictly onzin! And if you have a good eye there is allso a little bit of something wich looks like skateboarding in it..